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Citizen Quartz Collection Watches

Quartz watches are popular due to their reliable timekeeping and low maintenance. These watches are powered by a quartz crystal, which uses minimal energy and allows the wearer to keep accurate time. With a wide range of styles available, from rugged to formal, quartz wristwatches offer versatlity for any occasion. Citizen quartz watches are a popular choice for their precision and durability, and many collectors enjoy building a quartz watch collection.

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From its firm conviction that the Better Starts Now, Citizen Watches in Saudi Arabia presents its pioneering and creative innovations to amaze its loyal customers with modern designs and advanced technologies that give them infinite precision. In a wide range of styles and designs, Citizen quartz watch collection in Saudi Arabia offers the best choice for everyone with a variety of tastes and dressing styles, from luxurious formal to simple practical....


Citizen quartz mens watches in Saudi Arabia offer every modern man the ideal choice for any look he goes for. Putting on your citizen quartz watch will always add to your appearance more depth and sophistication with a bold statement of professionalism and reliability.

People who love and appreciate watches for men and women know how much this little piece on your wrist can effortlessly add to your look and tell about your personality. Choose what suits your taste from the practical Citizen quartz watches with multiple characteristics that can tell you much more than just time, expressing that practical and organized side of your personality. Or choose one of the simple, elegant watches from the Citizen's Quartz collection that enhances the luxurious, confident and classic look you want to highlight.


Choose your watch from the collection of Citizen ladies quartz watches for elegance that never fades. Chic pieces with a classic aesthetic that reflect your love of serious craftsmanship and traditional luxury that, unlike trendy fashion, only gets better with time.

Engage every piece of your look in presenting the image you want to deliver about your character. Let your watch convey the message for you of how you value the finest things in life. Whether you wear it for a formal dinner or you're simply adding it to your everyday outfit, your citizen quartz watch for women will always inrich your look and elevate your appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Watch whose battery-powered mechanism uses electrical energy to cause vibrations in a synthetic quartz crystal at a very high rate of 100 kilocycles per second.

Electronic Quartz watches are some of the most accurate watches ever produced.

Quartz watches batteries are designed to last for a period between 2 to 3 years depending on the type of the watch the battery is used for. If the watch is a high-functional timepiece (like a chronograph timepiece) the energy consumption will be more and may last up to 2 years but if it is a simple three hands watch, then it may last as long as 3 years.

Both quartz and automatic watches are dependable and can tell time with reasonable accuracy. However, Quartz watches are considered to be more accurate. Mechanical watches are valued for their craftsmanship, artistry, and beauty. So, it’s unfair to say between quartz and automatic which movement is better, it depends on the buyer if he/she is buying a watch just for its accuracy or for the craftsmanship and artistry of the mechanical movement.


Quartz Watch Price in KSA

In the KSA the price of Quartz watch collection ranges from SAR 400 to SAR 1,700.
ModelPrice *
Quartz Chronograph AN8196-55ESAR 1001
Quartz Multi Function Digital/Analogue JG2103-72XSAR 1863
Quartz Moonphase AK5000-03ASAR 627
Quartz Men BI5096-53L SAR 754
Quartz Men BH5003-00LSAR 630
Quartz Chronograph AN3600-59ESAR 927
Quartz Chronograph AN8169-58LSAR 936


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