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Citizen L Watches

Luxury is no longer about flashy decoration. It's about having a backstory of craftsmanship and a manufacturing process respectful of people and the planet. CITIZEN L is an ethical watch for the woman who is passionate about staying true to herself and following her own path. The designs we create for CITIZEN L express the inner strength and shining beauty of a brave woman advancing into her future.

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Citizen L - The Chic Women’s Watches

The Citizen L watches is a series of chic women's watches designed to blend timeless elegance and innovative technology that characterizes our nowadays life with enriched creative innovations that provide practicality and convenience....

Citizen ladies watches Saudi Arabia collection helps you achieve the eye-catching look you desire. All you have to do is add your watch from the Citizen L collection to your appearance to give it another dimension of charm.

Citizen L collection gives you many and varied options with gorgeous deep colours derived from the vividness of the precise pigments that we see in nature and smooth lines that consider the curves and shape of your hand. This series is the new womens citizen watches that will make you feel comfortable with your wristwatch from the moment you put it on.

The Citizen L watches collection presents a series of art pieces in the shape of wristwatches, enriched with innovative functions and cutting-edge technologies such as Eco-Drive, which are instilled at the heart of the series' mission to be environmentally friendly.

Redefining The Whole Idea of Luxury Watches With Citizen L

By using high-quality, long-lasting materials, Citizen watches contribute to the preservation of the environment and the rebalancing of our beautiful planet. Citizen's innovative Eco-Drive technology also uses any light source to convert it into the watch's running energy. Citizen women’s watches with Eco-Drive technology can convert sunlight and artificial light into energy and store the excess in a storage cell that enables it to work for a long time after the absence of a light source. You will not need to replace the battery, and contribute to reducing environmental damage caused by heavy consumption of materials.

Buy watches online in KSA through our website, browse through our different types and super functional watches such as Citizen Promaster , Citizen automatic watches, quartz watches etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

The CITIZEN L Collection represents the epitome of a lady’s timepiece, showcasing all the sophistication, style and power that appeal to today's woman. CITIZEN L watches are beautiful, comfortable, luxurious, and environmental-friendly.

Simple Minimalist, Large faces, bejewelled watches, two tones and rainbow colours, and sporty-chic elegance are all current women's watch trends. Your watch, more than any other item of jewellery you wear on your wrist, is a statement of your own style. Other than style, you should also consider how well the watch fits on the wrist (if the watch is too small or too big for your wrist, and how comfortable you are with the band material of the watch such as stainless steel, leather, fabric or rubber strap.

CITIZEN L is A new type of luxury watch. CITIZEN L has redefined the whole idea of luxury watches by facing the challenges of ethical manufacturing.


Citizen L Watch Price in KSA

In the KSA the price of Citizen L watches ranges from SAR 1000 to SAR 8,500.
ModelPrice *
Citizen L EM0643-84XSAR 2424
Citizen L EM0666-89DSAR 2003
Citizen L EG7072-19X SAR 2730
Citizen L EM0912-84YSAR 2270

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