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Citizen Promaster Watches

Determined men and women tackling the most punishing environments to push beyond their limits. Whether on land, sea, or air, no matter time or circumstance, PROMASTER has backed professionals in their work with safe, consistent support for over 30 years. Enabling this history is over 100 years of Citizen craftsmanship DNA coupled with a host of advanced technologies from successfully meeting challenges time and again.

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Citizen Promaster - Adventure Enthusiasts’ Favorite Watch

Citizen Promaster watches are the trusted companions for adventure enthusiasts and harsh environment explorers everywhere, whether on land, at sea or in the air. Citizen watches Saudi Arabia have developed high-endurance technologies in its range of sports watches geared towards challenge and adventure through decades of trial and testing. With its wristwatches successfully passing every test, Citizen raised its standards and set itself a new challenge to conquer and provide its loyal customers with the sports watch that suits them and lives up to supporting them in their drive towards adventure....

Promaster watches have been developed to be able to withstand light and strong shocks, even if they fall from great heights, and to resist moisture and water to accompany you on your journeys and water adventures without a worry.

Sports Watch For The World’s Professionals

Citizen promaster marine is the best choice for divers, professionals and adventurers, with durable exterior, advanced technology and captivating features and styles. It is the world's first light-powered GPS synchronised diver's watch. It can receive time signals and location information from GPS satellites to give you the exact time every time you look at your watch anywhere. Citizen promaster marine uses corrosion-resistant materials and provides the ultimate sports watch experience for professional and amateur divers around the world.

Superfunctional Watches from Citizen

Great functionality identifies the Citizen Promaster Sky watches with a flight gauge and feature set such as automatic time update, promaster sky world time and quick switching to local time for 24 cities around the world. Citizen promaster skyhawk also works by light power to eliminate the need for battery replacement.

Stunningly functional sports watches made for the most demanding adventures on earth. Citizen promaster chronograph is the wristwatch you need with you once an adventure calls on you.

Buy watches online in KSA through our website, browse through our different types and super functional watches such as Citizen Eco-Drive, Citizen automatic watches , quartz watches etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

CITIZEN Promaster, collection of professional-grade sports watches captures the passion of professional sportsmen and admiration of sports-loving and adventure seeking people around the world.

CITIZEN Promaster watches known for durability suited for extreme environments, functionality enabled by innovative technology, and carefully thought-through safety for the user.

When venturing into the deep, reliable equipment is essential. The Promaster Marine collection is designed and engineered to provide total confidence to those seeking the underwater experience.

The CITIZEN Promaster movements are made from Japan, however the assembling of the watches depends on region to region.


Citizen Promaster Price in KSA

In the KSA the price of Promaster watch collection ranges from SAR 1500 to SAR 15,000.
ModelPrice *
Promaster Blue Angels CB5848-57LSAR 4636
Promaster Blue Angels JY8078-52LSAR 4196
Promaster Sky Blue Angels BJ7006-56LSAR 2303
Promaster World Timer CB5001-57E SAR 3899
Promaster Navihawk JY8037-50ESAR 4123
Promaster Yacht Timer JR4063-12ESAR 2816


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